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The Ryan-Reed-Tucker Tree
A Brief Family History


A Brief Family History
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How we all got here...

The Ryan's date back to the days of the first Martian colonies. However, very little is known about this period in the Ryan family history.

The first major event the I know of took place in 2349 when my father, Jack Ryan married, my mother, Lara Sullivan of the Seattle Sullivans.

Our family was pretty much like any family until 2377 when I assisted Jupiter Station with their investigation of a derelict Andorian vessel. I was helping with a routine diagnostic of the transporter buffers when I noticed a pattern still in the buffer. I alerted the senior officer on site and we rematerialized the pattern. The person that emerged turned out to be Lt. Malcolm Reed of the very first Enterprise NX-01, we started dating and almost a year later we were married.
Approximately, 2 months later my sister, Luci Ryan, met and married Charles "Tripp" Tucker III. Tripp Tucker was also aboard the Andorian vessel when the accident that trapped Malcolm in the buffer occurred, but Tripp escaped with enhanced DNA.

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List of Surnames

Here's a list of surnames connected to Ryan family:

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