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Take the following test and send your answers by clicking on either the Guestbook Page or the Contact Page.
Remember to write down your answers on a PADD and then transfer them to either of the above pages.

Week 1
Q1--Who was the only actor to play three roles on two different Trek series?
Q2--What is Seven of Nines birth name? (spelling does not matter)
Q3--In what Next Gen episode did the Borg first appear?

Week 2
Q1--In what Next Gen episode did the Ferengi first appear?
Q2--What was Deanna's sister's name?
Q3--What is the Picard family business?

Week 3
Q1--Whom did Sisko blame for the death of his first wife Jennifer?
Q2--What made Data cry at the end of Star Trek:Generations?
Q3--What ritual do Vulcans go through to purge the rest of their emotions?
Week 4
Q1--Who was captain of the Enterprise B?
Q2--In which Star Trek:The Original Series movie did Bones come out of retirement?
Q3--What was the name of Zephrem Cochrane's warp ship
Week 5
Q1--What Klingon posed as a human in the Original Series?
Q2--What is Sulu's daughters name?
Q3--In what Original Series episode did Spock's father Sarek first appear?