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Anlia Ryan O'Neill Soul Reed
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Lara And Jack Ryan
Jack O'Neill and Laira
Anlia and Malcolm Reed
Lucillia and Charles Trip Tucker.
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Malcolm Reed is born in a unknown star system in 2121
System is destroyed 2121

Malcolm is found and is adopted by Stuart and Mary Reed in the United Cities Of England. He is raised with their daughter Madeline 2121

Malcolm enters Starfleet 2139
Malcolm is assigned to Enterprise NX-01 as Armory officer 2151
Enterprise receives a distress call from an Andorian vessel, Malcolm and Tripp are sent to help out with repairs. While there a system malfunction causes the lifesupport to go offline. Tripp makes it back to Enterprise but Malcolm does not. He devises a plan to lock the tranporter into a selfcontinuing diagnostic mode and remains their until 2376.

Anlia Ryan is born on Earth to Lara and Jack Ryan in 2350. I enter Starfleet Academy in 2369. I graduate Starfleet Academy 2373

Assigned to Deep Space Nine 2373
Meets Lt. Cmdr Data 2374
Involved with Data 2374-2375
Data breaks up with 2375
Travels to Jupiter Station 2376
Finds a damaged Andorian vessel 2376
Future husband, Malcolm emerges 2376
Marries Malcolm Reed 2377
Malcolm picks a number and starts celebrating his birthdays again from there 2377
Temp. assigned to Enterprise E 2377
Meets Data again 2377
Rejects Data 2377
Promoted to Lieutenant JG 2377
Lucillia and Tripp get engaged 2377
Lucillia and Trip marry 2377

Keep checking back for updates.