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This page will tell you all you need to know about Anlia and Malcolm Reed and their families.

Malcolm Reed is born to Mary and Stuart Reed in the United Cities of England. 2121

Malcolm enters Starfleet 2139
Assigned to NX-01 Enterprise as Armory officer 2151
Enterprise aids is repair of Andorian vessel 2153

Malcolm and Tripp Tucker are assigned to help
vessel. An accident occurs Trip escapes with
enhanced DNA, Malcolm ends up trapped
in transporter buffer 2153

Jack and Lara are married on Corsica 2349
Anlia and Liana are born to Lara and Jack Ryan 2350
Karen is born 2352
Jason Ryan is born 2354
Lara dies in shuttlepod explosion 2360
Luci adopts Jack and forms the O'Neill family 2366
Anlia enters Starfleet Academy 2369
Liana enters Starfleet Academy 2370
Anlia graduates Starfleet Academy 2373
Jason moves into Ryan Mansion 2373
Assigned to Deep Space Nine 2373
Liana graduates Starfleet Academy 2374
Meets Lt. Cmdr Data 2374
Dates Data 2375
Jack Ryan injured in plasma fire 2375
Martal Tol'ly Hai is adopted by Dierna Soul 2375
Breaks with Data 2375
Travels to Jupiter Station 2376
Encounters old Andorian vessel 2376
Future husband, Malcolm Reed emerges from
transporter pattern buffer 2376
Anlia and Malcolm date 2376
Jack Ryan travels to Starfleet Medical(surgery) 2376
Voyagers EMH heals Jack's injuries 2377
Malcolm proposes 2377
Malcolm and Anlia marry 2377
Anlia joins Soul family 2377
Anlia moves briefly into Soul Family Mansion,
New Oklahoma 2377
Malcolm reenters Starfleet as an ensign 2377
Anlia helps Malcolm adjust to 24th century life 2377
Anlia joins O'Neill family 2377
Anlia promoted to LT.jg 2377
Malcolm meets friend Tripp Tucker again 2377
Tripp proposes to Lucy 2377
Tripp and Lucy marry 2377
Lucy learns shes pregnant with their four kids 2377
Liana joins O'Neill family 2377
Luci miscarries all four kids
this is a sad time in the family 2377
Christena Soul joins the Ryan's 2377
Luci and Tripp adopt Lima and Maria 2377
Amanda Sielu-Paris and family become honorary members of the Ryan clan 2377

This page is only accurate to people in Outpost 10f. This is not TRUE